Animal Crossing: New Horizons gamer finds smart way to save custom design locations


a Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has discovered a revolutionary way to display custom designs while saving custom design slots in their inventory.

As initially shared in the r / AnimalCrossing subreddit, the user u / InBetweenSeen noticed that not only can the custom designs be displayed on your home floor, but they can also be rotated in the perfect position. This means that a large design that would typically take up multiple slots in a player’s inventory can now take up a lot less by simply using the same design and rotating it accordingly.

I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but you can rotate custom designs around your home which can potentially save you a few slots (6 in my example). by r / AnimalCrossing

This seemingly small but game-changing find didn’t go unnoticed by other Animal Crossing fans, who flocked to the comments to share their reactions to the hack. Some fans I didn’t know you could display patterns in your house at all, while the majority expressed how much they wanted this to be an outdoor feature as well, as this is where many custom models tend to be used.

The author of the original post responded to clarify this, stating that: “The difference is that the patterns are placed as a rug in your home and can be used as kitchen rugs. So this is not something that custom designs that are placed as paths “could do” ” They followed up on that comment, however, also noting how good it would be if the players could do the same away from home.

Other players have also used custom designs to their advantage after the Animal Crossing: New Horizons anniversary update launched last week. One fan even found a way to bring pet cats into the game by using the Custom Designer Editor + to place 3D-looking patterns on umbrellas and display them in their home.

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