Appeer will give you personalized app recommendations based on people similar to you


Good apps can come and go in an instant, and if you’re not constantly sorting through the Google Play Store, there’s a good chance you’ll be missing a few. Appeer aims to change that by recommending apps based on people like you.

Here’s how it works: Appeer will look at your app inventory as well as the app inventories of people with similar interests. If three or more of those users have an app that you don’t have, you’ll receive a recommendation. Plus, Appeer’s unique algorithm automatically tracks users for you, so app recommendations will keep coming. Of course, the app also lets you follow whoever you want, which brings a more social aspect to the recommendation service. The only downside to following others is that you will have to create a new username for Appeer, so you won’t be able to find your Google+, Facebook, or Twitter friends unless you have their Appeer username.

Your timeline displays all the apps recommended to other users in your personal social feed. If you find an app worth downloading, click on it and you’ll be launched into the Google Play Store. There is also a handy bookmark feature and the option to receive push notifications if you want.

I’ve only been using Appeer for a few hours, and I’m already getting quite a few useful recommendations. If you think you might benefit from the service, go to the Google Play link below to download it for free.

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