Aston Martin and Bombardier, a bespoke design collaboration



Aston Martin and Bombardier, two brands iconic and exclusive, signed a letter of intent to collaborate on custom design services in the business jets by Bombardier. This collaboration will give customers the opportunity to live an experience unique and totally personalized experience, meeting with the main creatives of each company.

Aston Martin badge / Photo: Aston Martin

Both companies are recognized for creating engineering masterpieces in which style is always the protagonist. This common goal translates into a desire to innovate together to create personalized and exclusive designs. The collaboration provides the perfect opportunity to bring the two design experiences together.

Aston Martin has a automotive design very refined, supported by craftsmanship, technical innovation and the meticulous use of proportions. On the other hand, Bombardier customers share this taste for contemporary design. A perfect union.

Bombardier Goblal 5500
Bombardier Goblal 5500 / Photo: Bombardier

Bombardier business jets always emphasize their cabins. These offer total comfort thanks to their space and organization. In addition, all routes are characterized by a characteristic smooth ride. At design fee Bombardier also offers the best. It features a Pũr Air system, as well as the patented Nuage seating collection. Everything reflects the tireless commitment home with the comfort and well-being of passengers.

Bombardier interior
Interior Bombardier Goblal 5500 / Foto: Bombardier

This, along with its revamped Global large-cabin long-haul aircraft portfolio, has earned Bombardier top design accolades. He also won rewards such as the International Yacht & Aviation Awards for the Nuage seating collection or the prestigious Red Dot award for product design for the Global 7500 aircraft.

Soon, this bespoke collaboration will take Aston Martin to the top with Bombardier business jets.

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