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owner-operators can log into DrayPal and find the information they need, such as credentials and endorsements.

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ContainerPort Group has launched a mobile app designed exclusively for CPG owner-operators to manage critical documentation and view weekly gross revenue estimates.

Instead of keeping physical documents in their cabin at all times or making multiple phone calls to search for information, owner-operators can log into DrayPal and find the information they need, such as credentials and mentions.

In partnership with Headstorm, a developer of cybersecurity technology and mobile apps, DrayPal was built using best practices for user-centric design, including collecting feedback, listening sessions and testing. beta with truck drivers, CPG officials said in a press release.

DrayPal provides real-time functionality that allows owner-operators to manage their operations more efficiently, CPG officials said. The app features allow users to:

  • Estimate weekly earnings with full summaries of past settlements
  • Track estimated earnings and view canister, fuel, and accessories for each move made
  • Receive in-app notifications for upcoming expirations, chargebacks, and updates
  • Manage credentials, endorsements, insurance information, tax documents and inspections
  • Monitor security progress and stay on track with real-time information on CSA and Samsara security scores

In future app updates, users will also be able to set weekly goals and view fuel and highway tax deductions.

DrayPal’s organizational deployment includes a hands-on approach to training and use for both CPG employees and owner-operators. Dedicated teams are on hand to ensure drivers have resources to learn, ask questions and get answers to all things DrayPal.

With ease of access and enhanced information, CPG owner-operators can identify and avoid potential risks, refining operational efficiency across their business. Current CPG owner-operators can sign up for DrayPal by downloading from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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