ContainerPort Group Introduces DrayPal, a Custom App for Owner-Operators


ContainerPort Group (CPG®), an award-winning multimodal transportation provider specializing in container drayage, announces the release of DrayPal, an innovative mobile app designed exclusively for CPG owner-operators, available on iOS and Android devices.

“With the launch of DrayPal, we demonstrate our commitment to helping our owner-operators run a smarter business. We developed the app using input from our owner-operators as a guide, enabling us to provide them with the breakthrough solution they needed to work more efficiently and profitably,” said TJ Frye, Vice -President, Business Innovation at CPG, who will oversee the implementation of DrayPal, as well as future product releases.

DrayPal’s easy-to-use interface gives drivers a single place to manage critical documents like credentials and endorsements, and view weekly gross earnings estimates, helping every driver meet their goals and manage a smarter business. Instead of keeping physical documents in their cabin at all times or making multiple phone calls to search for information, owner-operators can simply log on to DrayPal and find the information they need, getting it back on the road quickly and safely.

In partnership with Headstorm, a leading developer of cybersecurity technology and mobile apps, DrayPal was built using best practices for user-centric design, including feedback collection, listening sessions, and feedback. beta testing with end users. As a result, CPG owner-operators can get up and running quickly with a tool designed by truckers, for truckers.

“We put the needs of our owner-operators first and looked to them for insight into DrayPal’s design and deliverables,” added Dan Ambroziak, vice president of IT at CPG. “Their feedback regarding core and must-have features was key in ensuring we focused on what mattered most to solving their day-to-day issues.”

DrayPal provides seamless real-time functionality that allows owner-operators to manage their operations more efficiently. The app’s powerful and convenient features include:

Settlement Management

Run a business smarter by estimating weekly earnings with convenient, comprehensive summaries of past settlements

Weekly loading activity

Easily track estimated revenue and view barrel, fuel, and accessories for each move made

Stay logged in

Stay informed with in-app notifications for upcoming expirations, chargebacks, and important updates

Access to documents

One place to manage credentials, endorsements, insurance information, tax documents and inspections

View security snapshots

Monitor security progress and stay on track with real-time information on CSA and Samsara security scores

Upcoming features

Set weekly goals, view fuel and highway tax deductions and more.

“At CPG, we’re always looking for new ways to help our growing list of owner-operators improve their business metrics,” added Joey Palmer, President of CPG. “We understood the need for a customized solution and are committed to bringing it to our drivers quickly, using their feedback as a guide throughout the process. All parties are committed to making this a tool that evolves and change as needed.

DrayPal’s organizational deployment includes a hands-on approach to training and use for both CPG employees and owner-operators. Dedicated teams are on hand to ensure drivers have resources to learn, ask questions and get answers to all things DrayPal.

Early feedback is positive: in a recent CPG survey of their owner-operators, drivers said DrayPal helps them run their business more efficiently. One owner-operator mentioned, “DrayPal shows you the day-to-day so you can effectively manage your finances and workloads.” Another driver added, “With DrayPal, I can manage my fleet and my drivers to maximize their turnaround time. As a result, we will not miss critical inspection timeouts that would disrupt my operations. »

With ease of access and enhanced information, CPG owner-operators can identify and avoid potential risks, refining operational efficiency across their business. Current CPG owner-operators can sign up for DrayPal by downloading from Google Play and the Apple App Store, or they can request more information from their terminal manager.

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