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Cottagecore is booming right now in Animal crossing. So much so that there are subcategories like farmcore, dirtcore, etc. There is something heartwarming and nostalgic about this specific aesthetic that brings the feeling of warmth and the urge for adventure.

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The aesthetic is living in a, well, a chalet! But in an invasive forest, of course. It is about embracing mother nature and indulging in whatever invites solace to your soul. We all need a bit of cottagecore in our lives.

Daisy chooses Daisy’s

Imagine this. You wake up early in the morning and there is no responsibility for the day. You log in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and find out that the sun is starting to rise as the villagers leave their homes one by one. Your favorite villager looks a little down so you go to your garden and pick some flowers for them.

Things are comfortable and sweet in your small cottage community. It’s time to have some fresh tea on the garden table and read a book.

Time to check out those tomatoes

This elegant maxi dress is perfect for controlling your vegetables and crops during the day. Of course, there are no vegetable crops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons but oh imagine that there is …

Although the flowers will grow despite any help, it is beneficial for everyone to watch them daily and give them love, attention and of course water! This Garden Walk dress is perfect for that.

Autumn is fast approaching

Anyone who hasn’t yet experienced fall in the new game is just as anxious and excited as ever. Leaves that change color, seasonal crafts … There will be so much to discover!

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But one thing anyone who hasn’t yet experienced fall should know is that you can’t get the full experience without a cottagecore outfit that’s right for a cool breeze!

It’s July and my friends are having a picnic

The sunflower dress here gives off picnic vibes for spring or summer. You and your friends have already spent a week at the chalet and it’s time for everyone to harvest strawberries and have a picnic. Even Tom Nook can come!

This dress is cute and delicate. It offers a comfortable appearance due to its warm tones of brown mixed with yellow and is the perfect piece for that area of ​​your island with a picnic blanket! Yes, this domain that everyone owns.

Muddy hair, I don’t care

This Sprout dress takes a slightly different approach than other outfits you might find while shopping for cottagecore. There are clean sides to cottagecore … And there are messy sides!

Messy sides that embrace creepy critters, mud and rain. A side that is not afraid to get dirty and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer. This is the dress for when the rain has just stopped and you’ve been trotting through the mud looking for snails and frogs to call friends.

Softcore Meets Dirtcore

Another side of cottagecore-esque things can include the “grandma aesthetic”. Everyone knows what grandma style things are. Too many flowers, chestnuts and greens, old perfumes … Some think that this aesthetic is ugly but there are young people who cherish it!

It may remind you of your own beloved grandmother and her little house. A grandmother’s house offers a comfort that no other can offer, even if it is not your grandmother, but someone else’s. This Dirtcore Dress brings you that soft and delicate feel of an old soul.

My best friend named Fauna

A Spring Stag dress takes you deep into the forest to meet the animals that live there. Insects and plants are often thought of when it comes to cottage life, but majestic creatures have their place, too.

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Warm, deep browns create a coziness that only a few can understand. It’s a down to earth (literally … because of the dirt) and humiliating color. Not only is dirt this color, but so are animals like deer, which are so close to our environment and common but so from another world at the same time.

Cozy, but make it chic

This hat is more of a basic, on-trend look that can complement any cozy vibe you create for yourself. Clothes still lack that little accessory that can take the outfit to the next level. Maybe you are missing this corduroy hat!

This island designer also made a matching casual dress for this hat too, so if you’re interested in more, it’s best to research this designer code!

Sip tea on a wet rock

Oh yes. Snail Latte sweater. This dark brown sweater has the same feel as the Spring Stag dress and the Rustic Sweater Combo dress. Bask in the fall and appreciate Mother Nature for her tree roots and dirt rather than her flowers and animals!

The Snail Sweater Latte can be for a foggy morning or afternoon, when you’ve done all your chores for the day and it’s time to relax with the villagers over a coffee.

The pie is in the oven

Fear not, the perfect kitchen outfit for cottagecore lovers is here! This apron dress gives off a heat wave with its specific brown tone and is sure to match the interior of your home (or cottage, rather …) if you have decorated the interior with similar hues.

This, next to a clay oven? Go on. The aesthetics are just too much! The herbs in the pocket pocket just add another layer of depth to the dress. You were probably harvesting herbs from your garden for dinner early in the morning and it’s finally time to use them!

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