Apple in iOS 14.3 streamlines the home screen customization process by making it easier for app shortcuts to work. With the launch of iOS 14, users quickly discovered that shortcuts could be used to replace traditional app icons to create a fully personalized “homescreen” look.

Unfortunately, while these home screens created with shortcuts looked fantastic, the experience was far from ideal, as launching an app through shortcuts required the Shortcuts app to open briefly, which slowed down. the process of opening the application. In iOS 14.3 beta 2, this is no longer the case because shortcuts no longer need to go through the Shortcuts app.

As Reddit users discovered After installing the beta yesterday, launching an app via Home Screen Shortcuts in iOS 14.3 will bring up a banner at the top of the screen, but the app full of shortcuts doesn’t opens more, so there is less delay when using a custom icon to launch applications.

IOS 14 Home Screen
The simplification of the process of opening shortcuts from the Home Screen‌ will be a welcome change for those who have chosen to personalize their Home screens with a whole set of custom icons, as the experience is so much more. similar to opening a standard app without shortcuts.

For those who want to add custom icons to their Home screen‌ through the Shortcuts app, be sure to check out our how-to guide.

Apple has released two beta versions of iOS 14.3 at the moment, and it’s likely that the update will see an official release in December. Those who want to try the Shortcut feature can now do so via Apple’s public beta option.

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