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Customize the Citrix Web Interface 5.4 portal

I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I was asked to help customize a Citrix Web Interface site. My dilemma is, why hasn’t Citrix made this process easy? With all the content management systems out there, why is it so cumbersome? I’m wondering if it’s viable for the web interface to be built or even integrated with a content management system like WordPress or DotNetNuke. Until Citrix makes it easy for us to create a custom web interface, here’s a quick and easy guide.

Most customizations will be done by editing the file, which can be found in the % systemroot% inetpub wwwroot Citrix XenApp app_data include case. The “XenApp” value may be different in your environment, depending on how you named your Web Interface site.

The new Web Interface 5.4 page is split horizontally. To change the background for the top horizontal portion of the page, locate the #horizonTop section in the file and change the background value. Therefore, if you want to change the background or the bottom image, find the #horizonPage section.

Notice that in the file there are several sections with #horizonPage. Edit what you need to personalize your page.

Now, if you want to hide the header logo, “Citrix XenApp”, locate the “#horizonTop img” section and add the following line:

display: none

If you prefer to replace this logo with your own, you can edit the layout.ascx file in the same directory as the file and search for the value: “CitrixXenApp.png”, add your files to the location listed, then point to on your file names. Don’t forget to change the “LoggedOff” versions as well.

On the tagline: if you want to remove it, locate the #horizonTagline section in the file and add the line “display: none”.

Are you bored with the “Citrix Logo” and the “HDX Logo” at the bottom of the page? Locate the #footer img section and add the line “display: none”.

There are now many ways to modify the Web Interface. If you have the luxury of employing developers in your business, be sure to offload this task to them. However, if you are doing it on your own, this article should get you started. In addition to the information provided here, see this Citrix KN article for more information.

If you found any other interesting changes on the Web Interface page, add them as comments for the benefit of your fellow Citrix readers.

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