Designer Earns Rs. 84 Lakhs from Custom App Icons for iOS 14


Thanks to iOS 14users can finally customize their home screens, for real, and not just rearranging app icons like before. After the release of Apple’s latest iOS update, iPhone fans have been going crazy on social media showcasing their unique and personalized home screens. This gave a designer the chance to earn a few dollars selling custom app icons. But no one expected him to earn more than $115,000 (around Rs 84 lakhs) in less than a week.

Known as Traf on the Internet, the individual has been a designer of custom app icons since 2013, when the iOS jailbreak was fully effective. Then he also created a custom app icon pack and won $17 (~Rs. 1249).

After the huge popularity of iOS 14 aesthetic home screens on social media, the creator created custom app icons, uploaded widgets and then showed his home screen to the world on social media.

For those unaware, you cannot officially create custom app icons for your favorite apps in iOS 14. However, users have found out a workaround to add custom app icons using the “Shortcuts” application. But creating custom app icons in iOS 14 is still quite complicated.

Almost immediately after sharing the screenshots, people went crazy over its custom icons and started inquiring. So, in response to popular demands, Traf quickly packed its app icons into a set and uploaded it to gum path, a sales platform for films, courses and other creations. Apart from that, he also embedded the icons on a Notion site using Super to promote his designs to enthusiasts.

Desinger win app icons 1
Traf Custom App Icons

Within a day or two, Traf’s tweet got millions of likes and impressions and by that time his app icon pack sales earned him about $6,000. However, the magic happened when Traf’s icons were featured in one of the latest videos from renowned YouTube tech creator Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee.

For those who don’t know, MKBHD recently released a video, titled “The Ultimate iOS 14 Home Screen Setup Guide”. In this video, Brownlee showcased Traf’s icons and also gave a link to his icon set in the description.

“Next thing I know, I was making $28, which seemed like every 28 seconds. My phone turned into the ultimate dopamine dispenser (if it wasn’t already). I had to turn it off The next day, sales jumped from $6,000 to around $40,000, and at the time of this writing, sales are $116,147 for 4,188 customers.wrote the creator in his personal message blog post.

The creator notes that although it seems like a lucky feat, it has been in the works for him for seven years. He also mentioned that “the right content, posted at the right time, can create unimaginable results” And you know what? Of course it is possible.

You can check Traf’s popular custom app icon set here.

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