Dur-A-Flex, Inc. Offers Customers a New Improved Custom Design Tool


Dur-A-Flex’s Design-A-Floor tool works on desktops and mobile devices.

“We are delighted to launch Design-A-Floor. This tool takes the guesswork out of design, ”says Ken Barnum, vice president of marketing for Dur-A-Flex.

Visualizing what new furniture in a room might look like to some is a simple task. To others, it may seem intimidating. When ordering items such as curtains or furniture, the lack of vision may not be a deterrent, but when choosing more durable accessories such as flooring, it can delay or even stop the process of decision. Connecticut-based softwood flooring manufacturer Dur-A-Flex, Inc. has installed a new web-based solution that solves this problem: Design-A-Floor.

“We are delighted to launch Design-A-Floor. This tool takes the guesswork out of design, ”says Ken Barnum, vice president of marketing for Dur-A-Flex. Users can choose from thirteen preset images of parts or upload their own image. From there, they can choose from several different styles of resin flooring including: chip, quartz, metallic, or solid colors. In addition to choosing from Dur-A-Flex’s standard blends and colors, users can design their own custom chip or quartz blends. “We loaded over 140 vinyl chip colors and our 23 standard quartz colors – designers can create any number of color combinations,” says Barnum. Once a look is decided, custom floor samples can be ordered. Design-A-Floor is optimized for mobile, which will benefit users in the field. “Our flooring contractors can upload a photo of their client’s installation while they’re at it and show different flooring and colors,” Barnum explains.

Resin flooring commonly referred to as epoxy flooring has seen significant growth over the years. Mordor Intelligence predicts that the global epoxy market will experience a CAGR of over four percent between the period 2021-2026. The growing awareness of the benefits of industrial flooring is expected to drive the market growth. These advantages include strength, durability and chemical resistance.

What were once considered flooring solutions for industrial spaces or the back of the house have moved on to consumer solutions. Resin floors are installed in halls, corridors, offices, restaurants, healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, schools and even homes. The transition to the front of the house has increased demands for flexibility in design. Architects and designers have asked for more design options and this tool will not only help them create unique and personalized flooring, but it will also help them share their vision of a space.

To learn more about Dur-A-Flex or to use the Design-A-Floor tool, visit dur-a-flex.com.


Dur-A-Flex, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and institutional resin flooring and wall systems. Founded in 1966, Dur-A-Flex continues to be at the forefront of innovation, technology and pride itself on providing the highest quality customer service.

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