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It’s been a year since Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released. To celebrate the game’s anniversary, Nintendo has released an update with some goodies and some new features. One of those features is the Custom Design Pro editor.

Once you start your game, no one will actually tell you about it. Isabelle won’t announce it and if you talk to Mable and Sable they won’t mention anything either. So here’s how to access all the new features in Custom Design Pro Edit and everything you need to know about them.

Triggering the upgrade process

access to the update of the passage of the animals of the portal

If you interact with the Custom Designs portal in Able Sisters, it will alert you that there are new things you can do now. If you access Resident Services immediately, Nook Stop will also let you know that you can extend the functionality of the Custom Design Pro Editor app.

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This guide will go into everything there is to know about the plugin that was made to enhance custom designs. And, be sure to check out all the other new things this latest update has added to the game.

How to get the new upgrades

In order to have access to all these new features, you must first go to resident services. And then do the following:

• Interact with the Nook Stop

• Select “Redeem Nook Miles”

• Buy the Custom Design Pro Editor + (2,000 Nook Miles) and the Custom Designs Portal (300 Nook Miles)

animal crossing corner mile swap

Purchasing the Custom Designs Portal will allow you to access the Custom Designs Portal directly from your Custom Designs app on your NookPhone.

To use it on your NookPhone. Just open the Custom Designs app and press X and it will work like the usual Able Sisters portal.

What’s new?

custom designs updated feature animal crossing

With the new Custom Design Pro Editor +, you can now create more Pro designs. The update added the ability to create standing characters, portable flags, umbrellas and uchiwa fans

This opens up a whole world of possibilities for People’s Islands and as fans are always so creative, there are a bunch of new creations that can be made with this small but big expansion.

If you have also purchased the Custom Designs portal, the app now allows you to access it through your NookPhone. This means that you don’t have to go to the Able Sisters tailor shop to download custom designs from the internet.

This means that you will have quick access to the portal and you will not be bound by the opening time of the Able Sisters store.

Remember: To download designs online, you must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

And there’s more. Something fans have been asking for ages now. There are 50 additional slots for Regular Custom Designs and Pro Designs. This means more flexibility and more possibilities to customize your island.

It is a relief that these quality of life changes are finally being made and there is a good chance that there will be more changes like these in the future. This ensures that the game will continue to improve and that it will continue to remind fans, just like an Animal Crossing game should.

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