Frontify Introduces Developer Platform – Public API Enables Custom Branding Experience



ST. GALLEN, Switzerland & NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Brand management software company Frontify today announced the launch of the Developer Platform, a suite of tools including the GraphQL API that allows Frontify users to customize their experience of creating brand, allowing new integrations with existing technology and the ability to create applications that can easily connect to the platform.

This extension of the Frontify offering comes after a year of growing the banner for the company, which helps major corporate brands like Pepsi, Dyson and Vodafone gain more control over their brands. Using the new development platform, Frontify extends its industry-leading solution and gives customers more flexibility than ever before, enabling them to improve efficiency, maintain consistency and collaborate seamlessly with internal stakeholders and external.

“The Frontify development platform was created because each brand has its own technology stack and its own set of applications and tools,” said Remo Brunschwiler, vice president of products at Frontify. “By opening our platform to developers, we enable them to automate their branding processes and integrate Frontify into their tool landscape – further elevating their holistic brand ecosystem through Frontify. With the best developer experience in mind, our developer tools and services make it easy to build your own integrations. Now the platform can integrate with all the tools that people use on a daily basis.

The development platform includes different tools and services to connect existing applications and create new ones that can be linked to the Frontify platform. The suite of offerings includes six essential components that users need to develop and link their own applications to Frontify, including:

  • Finder Frontify. Easily access all the assets that live in Frontify in a more convenient way. Frontify Finder is a prebuilt component that brings together customer authentication and asset management into one flow. Decoupled from the main Frontify application, this will allow the assets stored in Frontify to be easily accessible from any external web application.
  • Frontify Authenticator is a built-in, dedicated component that implements the OAuth 2.0 flow for public applications (e.g. web applications) to perform client authentication outside of the main Frontify application, allowing Frontify customers to easily access their accounts from any secure web application.
  • GraphQL API is the open base to extend the functionality of Frontify. The open API gives users the power and flexibility to build applications and integrations on the already industry-leading platform.
  • Frontify Image Worker is a powerful service that allows you to view asset previews on other apps and manipulate images based on different parameters like image size, image selection and cropping, and image size. image resolution.
  • Currently in beta: Frontify Webhooks. Our webhooks provide an easy way for Frontify to communicate with other apps, giving developers the ability to start automating tasks, messages, assets, and more.
  • Coming soon: Frontify custom blocks. Frontify’s branding guidelines include over 38 bespoke content blocks that empower brands to express themselves, from displaying how the company logo should be used, to showcasing brand colors and available for download. By showcasing our CLI, developers can create, add, and preview new content blocks that match their brand’s specific goals.

The Frontify development platform is now available to all current Frontify customers. More information, API documentation, and a Slack support group are available on the Frontify website –

About Frontify

Frontify is a leading software as a service (SaaS) company that enables companies such as Facebook, Pepsi, Lufthansa, Dyson, Vodafone and Allianz to effectively manage and grow their brands. Founded in 2013 and based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Frontify’s team of more than 180 people work from the company’s Swiss and New York bases to serve customers around the world. For more information, visit

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