Fullscreen moves to #BeyondRevShare with custom branding integrations


Full screen was YouTube’s largest independent multichannel network in terms of unique monthly viewers for the full year 2013. According to comScore’s US Online Video Rankings for May, the multichannel network’s 36.4 million monthly viewers generate over 284 million video views each month in the United States. States alone. And according to the company’s own internal numbers, full screen videos are viewed 2.5 billion times per month worldwide.

That’s a lot of points of view. And a lot of revenue is generated when YouTube displays ads against videos that rack up those views and then shares that ad revenue with Fullscreen.

This revenue stream will not be replaced in any significant way anytime soon by some kind of cutting-edge technology or destination. But Fullscreen, like all multi-channel YouTube networks, is looking to complement this revenue stream in creative ways that help the creators of its network make more money making videos online. One of those creative ways is brand programming.

Sami kriegstein is the VP of Talent Integration at Fullscreen, where she works with content creators to incorporate sponsor messages into their videos in a (hopefully) tasteful and organic way. Kriegstein will discuss how she and Fullscreen work #BeyondRevShare at our Tubefilter Meetup this Tuesday June 25. We’ve asked her a few questions so you can get a glimpse of what she’s most likely to discuss:

Tubefilter: How important are alternative revenue streams outside of classic revenue sharing for Fullscreen activities?

Sami kriegstein: Rev share will always be a driving force for the full screen, but the various alternative revenue streams emerging on and around the platform are very exciting for us and our partners. I think a key role of any multichannel network involves discovering and harnessing untapped value in the YouTube ecosystem, and the full screen has been really great from day one. We were designed to be adaptable and evolve quickly; it is essential for survival.

TF: What’s one of your favorite ways that fullscreen generates income for its creators outside of the classic rev share?

SK: I specialize in running custom brand integrations with some of our bigger partners and these opportunities are always great fun to set up; but I think the best job at Fullscreen to help generate additional income for creators is with our Gorilla product. This allows us to share the brand’s love with dozens, if not hundreds of designers at once. No other network works so hard to drive value across mid- and long-tail channels

TF: How to ensure that talent does not alienate the public by promoting products or brands?

SK: We understand that there is a delicate balance between passionately promoting something you love and sounding like a sellout. Fullscreen puts a lot of energy into educating our brand clients about the importance of trusting creators (we like to call them “influencers”) to translate the brand’s message organically into their content, through their personal voices.

I think transparency is always a strong choice – it’s no less powerful for an influencer to say to their fans, “Hey guys, this brand has given me a great opportunity to help promote their product; it’s actually really cool ”to try and give a goofy cry that’s clearly scripted. Of course, it depends on the influencer style and the nature of their relationship with their audience, but if they can help their fans understand that brand promotions keep them making great videos, everyone else. world wins.

Come into our #BeyondRevShare event this Tuesday June 25 to hear about other online video income generating situations in which everyone is a winner. RSVP here.

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