How Animal Crossing’s Custom Design Pro Editor + is Different

One aspect of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ year-long update is the addition of Custom Design Pro Editor +. But how much of an improvement is that?

by Nintendo Animal crossing: new horizonsThe First Anniversary Update drops this week and brings a variety of cool new features. One area in particular that fans have requested an update for is the game’s custom design capabilities, and it seems New Horizons finally comes in the form of Custom Design Pro Editor +.

While most of the previous Animal crossing: new horizons Most of the updates have just added vacation content or other smaller features, this seems to be one of the first to significantly expand the game’s content beyond the limited-time events. The latest update adds new elements, new reactions, and even a brand new Island Tour Creator mode. Reaction to the update appears to be overwhelmingly positive, despite the announcement of Bunny Day’s return New Horizons. But in a game so heavily based on customization and creation, the Custom Design Pro Editor + seems to be the star of the show here. How much of an improvement is that, however?


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The first thing Custom Design Pro Editor + does is add more design slots. Once the player purchases the item at the Nook Stop Terminal for 2,000 Nook Miles, their pattern storage will instantly expand. This new add-on allows 50 new slots in Normal and Pro modes, which means Greedy Animal crossing design creators will have 100 more slots they can fill.

Players now have access to 100 new design slots

Custom dance floor design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Custom Design Pro + editor also expands the list of items players can decorate. With the new app, designs can now be placed on umbrellas, small flags, standing photos, etc. These options are not entirely new, as Animal Crossing: New Leaf offered similar possibilities in the past, but it’s nice to see that the latest game in the series continues to add features missing from previous entries.

The latest update also adds another huge New Horizons improving quality of life in the form of the Custom Design Portal. This handy item can be purchased for just 300 Nook Miles and allows the player to access the Design Portal from the comfort of their phone, rather than having to make the trip to Able Sisters each time. Now if they could just add bulk crafts!

Overall the last Animal crossing: new horizons the update appears to be the most significant to date. Creative spirit Animal crossing players have more island design options than ever before, and it will be exciting to see what the community is able to do with all of these new possibilities.

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