How to Create Custom App or Folder Shortcuts in Windows 11

If you are using a Windows PC, there must be applications and folders that you use daily. To make them easier to access, there’s a way to add shortcut text for your frequently used apps and folders. You can create a desktop shortcut for an application using a shortcut trick. Having shortcuts can help in case of apps or folders that you think might be misplaced later. In addition to apps and folders, you can also use shortcut text to create a desktop shortcut for a website. Here’s how.

To add shortcut text for an app or folder, follow these steps:


Right-click on an empty space on your Windows 11 desktop screen.


Click on the “New” option from the drop-down menu.


Select the “shortcut” option from the drop-down menu.


Select the application from the context menu for which you want to create a shortcut.


Click the “Next” button.


Enter the shortcut text and press the “OK” button.


Copy the created shortcut from the desktop.


Navigate to your Windows C drive.


Click on the “Windows” folder and paste the shortcut.


To open the app using the shortcut text, simply type the shortcut text you created into the Start menu on your Windows 11 desktop or Run command.


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