How to make iOS 14 look good with custom app icons


The most popular feature of iOS 14 quickly became the brand new widgets that can give your iPhone a personalized touch. However, taking it a step further, the custom aesthetic of iOS 14 has become a huge trend. We have already explained how to create ultra-custom widgets with Widgetsmith. The other big part is making your app icons tie everything together. Follow how to create an iOS 14 aesthetic with custom app icons.

Update 12/14: The use of custom icons has been much improved with iOS 14.3 (available now). The Shortcuts app does not need to launch every time you tap a custom icon before opening the corresponding app. Ultimately, a banner alert always goes off for the Shortcuts app, but the situation is still much better overall.

We also have a list of sharp icon packs that you can use to give your home screen a new look.

Going for an iOS 14 aesthetic can create a truly unique look for your iPhonethe home screen of. There are several ways to do this: you can find the icons / images you want to use yourself or you can purchase an icon set that has the aesthetic you are looking for. We’ll cover some of the options below as well as the entire process of using the Shortcuts app to actually create your new custom app icons.

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How to make iOS 14 look good with custom app icons

  1. One option is to search the web for the desired application icon (s), for example “clock icons” or “clock icon aesthetics”

    In the example below I am using the free images available at On iPhone, you can long press the pictures and choose the Add to photos option.

  2. A faster way to create your iOS 14 aesthetic is to purchase a set of icons and save them all in the Photos app or Files app on your iPhone.
    Check out some of the best icon packs available right now in our full rundown here.

    More options are available on Etsy and Pinterest with many of them ranging from $ 5 to $ 30.

  3. Now that you have some new icons / images that you want to use, open the Shortcuts app (Apple Free if you haven’t already)

    Press the “+” icon in the upper right corner – Press Add action – To research Open application, and press it – then press Choose highlighted in blue
    How to Create Aesthetic iPhone Walkthrough iOS 14 2

  4. Now choose the application for which you are creating a custom icon

    After choosing the application, press the three dot icon in the upper right corner – tap Shortcut name at the top and enter one – now press Add to Home ScreenHow to Create iOS 14 Aesthetic iPhone 3 Walkthrough

  5. Faucet Shortcut name again and enter whatever you want (can be the same as the original app or your own custom name

    Now press the icon to the left of the name you just entered – now press Choose photo (Where Choose file if you downloaded an icon on your iPhone)How to Create Aesthetic iPhone Walkthrough iOS 14 4

  6. Now find and tap on the icon or photo you want to use

    You can adjust it within the frame to make sure it’s centered or zoom in by pinching and dragging it – tap Anot a word in the upper right corner – now press Ended

  7. Now go to your home screen or the last page of the app to see the new app shortcut with your custom icon

    Press and hold the app to enter jiggle mode to move it anywhere you want

  8. Return to the Shortcuts app and tap Ended twice to return to the main screen

    Repeat the process for any apps you want – you can also tap the three-dot icon on anything you’ve already done to change the icon or name

Something to keep in mind when creating an iOS 14 aesthetic with the Custom Shortcuts / Icons app, when you tap it to launch an app, you will briefly see the Shortcuts app on your iPhone before opening the app. linked to it (no longer the case with iOS 14.3!). It’s a bit clunky, but that’s the price we have to pay for a custom iOS 14 aesthetic right now..

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Oh, and here’s the watercolor background used above for those interested:

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