How to unlock the Custom Design Pro Editor Plus


Animal Crossing introduces a new Custom Design Pro Editor Pro mechanic. This guide will show players how to unlock this new tool in the game.

The Custom Design Pro Editor Plus will soon make its way to Animal crossing. This guide will show players how to unlock it. Customizing your own island and every aspect of it is an important part of the Animal crossing to live. Even a single block of space leaves players with endless possibilities with what to do with it. Over the past year, players have spent hundreds of hours creating their own perfect tropical island. It is almost impossible to find an island identical to another. Now the game introduces a whole new way for players to expand the way they decorate their island with the new Custom Design Pro Editor Plus. This guide will show players how they can unlock this tool.

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With Custom Design Pro Editor Plus, it will allow gamers to customize the look of their umbrellas, small flags, uchiha and photo stands. It also comes with 50 additional slots for Normal Custom Design and Pro Custom Design. Originally, players could place these custom designs on shirts, hats, and other clothing. This will allow players to be even more creative with the appearance of their character and their island. This guide will show players how they can access this new feature.

How to unlock the Custom Design Pro Editor Plus in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons Birthday Update Cake

The Custom Design Pro Editor Plus will be available from March 18 as a free update. All the player has to do to unlock it is update their game and go to the Nook Shop in the Resident Services building. From there, players will be able to spend 2,000 Nook Miles to unlock this feature for their Nook Phone. It will automatically update the phone and players can now customize their other items. Players can combine this with the new custom designs portal and sell their designs in the Able Sisters store. It’s time to get creative and see what you can do with these umbrellas and other sundries.

Animal crossing: New Horizons will soon celebrate its 1 year. It’s almost hard to believe how fast the year has gone by, especially after the last year we’ve had. Animal crossing was there to entertain the players during uncertain times. The game continues to provide new content for the enjoyment of its players. It remains one of the biggest games to come out last year.

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Animal crossing is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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