How to Use Custom App Icons on iPhone 2022

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Check How to Use Custom App Icons on iPhone

The most popular feature of iOS 14 quickly became the new widgets that can add a personalized touch to your iPhone. Additionally, iOS 14’s personalized aesthetic has become a huge trend. We have already covered how to create ultra custom widgets with Widgetsmith. The other great part is that your app icons tie everything together. Follow the instructions to create an iOS 14 aesthetic with custom app icons.

If you opt for an iOS 14 aesthetic, you can give your iPhone home screen a truly unique look. There are several ways to do this: you can find the icons/images you want to use yourself, or you can buy a set of icons that have the aesthetics you want. We’ll cover some of the options below, as well as the whole process of using the Shortcuts app to create your new custom app icons.

How to Customize iPhone App Icons

  • Before you begin, it’s a good idea to find an icon for your new shortcut. There are many sources of icons online (Flaticon, for example), or if you are artistic and/or ambitious, you can create your own. Whether you’re using someone else’s or your own, save the image to Photos.
  • OK let’s get started. Find and tap the Shortcuts app. It is pre-installed; If you can’t see it right away on your home screen, swipe left until you’re in the App Library and start typing “Shortcuts” in the top search bar.
  • Once inside the app, tap the “plus” sign in the top right corner. Type the name of your new shortcut at the top, then tap “Add Action”
  • There are a lot of cool things to try in Shortcuts. But for now, what we want to do is change the app icons. Type “Open App” in the search bar, then tap the “Open App” link.
  • Tap the word “Application” which appears (rather faintly) next to the word “Open”. You will see a list of your apps; choose the one you want to customize.
  • Now tap on the blue symbol in the upper right corner. You will return to the Shortcuts page.
  • Tap “Add to Home Screen”.
  • You will now see a preview of the icon (which will be a standard, uninteresting icon that Shortcuts adds automatically). Don’t worry, we’ll improve it.
  • Tap the icon under “Home screen name and icon”. You will have the option to take a photo, choose a photo or choose a file. Assuming you’ve already saved an image to Photo, tap “Choose Photo” and select the photo you want to use.
  • If you chose an existing photo, a highlighted area will indicate which part of the photo will appear as an icon; you can move the photo around until you are happy with the section shown. Tap “Choose” in the lower right corner.
  • You will now see your new icon. If you haven’t added a name to your new shortcut, you can still do so here by typing the name next to the icon.
  • Ready? Tap Add in the top right corner.
  • You should see your new custom icon on your home screen. Congratulations!
  • You may see two new icons on your home screen: one with the boring first icon and one with your wonderful new icon. If so, long-press the icon you don’t want, then select “Delete bookmark”. Remember that this (and the other you created) is a bookmark/shortcut, not the original.
  • You can also hide the original app icon so that only the new one is visible. (You don’t want to remove it entirely, of course; that would remove the app.)
  • Long-press the original app icon and select “Edit Home Screen”.
  • Tap the minus sign. In the context menu, tap “Remove from home screen”. The original icon will not be deleted, it will only be hidden; you can still find it in the app library.

Final Words: How to Use Custom App Icons on iPhone

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