How to use the custom design kiosk in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

After unlocking the Able Sisters Tailor Shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have access to a custom design kiosk, allowing you to upload and download custom designs made by other players. Here’s how to find, upload, and upload custom designs in Animal crossing.

Nintendo Online membership required to access designs

When you access the Custom Design Kiosk for the first time, you will be notified that only players with Internet access and a paid Nintendo Online membership can use the Custom Design feature. This is because the Custom Design Kiosk accesses designs that other players have uploaded to the internet by searching for their user ID or entering an ID for a specific design element.

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There are two types of custom patterns: normal patterns and pro patterns. Professional designs are locked into story progression and can be purchased with Nook Miles. Normal patterns have a variety of uses: you can place patterns on the floor, hang them on the walls in your home, or use them as wallpaper.

Pro Designs are designed for a specific type of clothing: dresses, sweaters, pants, etc. You can go completely crazy with the details to create an amazingly stylish outfit.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom Design ID

When searching for a custom design, the creator ID will be displayed on the left and the custom design ID will be displayed on the right.

Find a Custom Design by Design ID

After connecting to the Internet and accessing the main menu of the Custom Design kiosk, you will be presented with three options: “Search by Design ID”, “Search by Designer ID” and “Publish”.

By selecting the first option, you can search for specific custom designs.

Design IDs will always start with an “MO”. You only have to enter the remaining 12 characters.

If you like what you see, you can choose to save the design to an empty save location in the Custom Designs app on your Nook Phone.

Animal Crossing New Horizons saves designs

Search for Custom Designs by Designer ID

By selecting the “Search by Creator ID” option, you can view a player’s entire Custom Design Profile. Anything they have created and uploaded to the kiosk will be displayed on their profile.

Creator IDs will always start with an “MA”. You only have to enter the remaining 12 characters.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Designer ID

Post your own custom designs online

By selecting “Post” from the main menu, you can upload your own custom designs to the kiosk. Your Designer ID will be generated when you upload your first design to the Custom Design kiosk.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Post Designs

How to Use Custom Designs

Anytime you want to use a design you’ve saved, open the Custom Design app on your Nook phone by pressing the ZL button (the back left shoulder button), then press the physical “A” button on your right Joy-Con to view your saved designs and wear or display the design.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom Design Application Corner Phone

If you are located outside or inside your home, a few more options will appear. For example, the “Show on Floor” option is useful for showing floor designs that you have uploaded.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom Design Display

Where to find custom designs

If you are looking for custom designs made by your colleague Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, there are a lot of resources on the Internet. One fan went above and beyond to create a website where all custom content creators can post and share their designs: clothes, floor path patterns, wallpapers, memes, whatever you can think is located here.

With this website, you can submit your own design to share with the community using your Creator ID and Design ID. You can also search by design title or sort by type.

Additionally, some museums, like the Getty, upload world-famous artwork that users can add to their game.

The Custom Designs app offers a sturdy tool set, pencils, fill tools for painting entire sections, and even stamps.

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