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GUEST REVIEW: A good business is a business that never stops growing – and that means keeping an eye on the future and constantly innovating. With over 6.6 billion smartphones worldwide, one of the most popular marketing channels is a mobile app, and with 50% of businesses having their own app, at least one of your competitors has already engaged.

If you are considering developing a mobile, it is important that you first understand the pros and cons. Before hiring a custom app development company here are our tips on what you need to know that will allow you to develop the perfect bespoke app for your needs.

Apps give you access to a huge market

There are over 6.6 billion smartphones in the world and each phone has 80 apps installed, 30 of which are used every month. That’s a lot of applications used every day! It’s the size of the app market and why every entrepreneur needs to consider it, no matter what your business is – it’s not just for tech companies!

If you work in hospitality and leisure, for example, an app can be invaluable to your customers. There are over a billion travelers every year and one of the most popular travel apps is Booking with almost half a billion visits per month.

Imagine getting a piece of that action! It can dramatically increase your business growth and bring value to your customers.

Apps build brand awareness and recognition

Every marketer will emphasize the importance of brand awareness, no matter the size of the business. It’s essential to build a brand as you grow because brand recognition can win loyal fans and help undecided customers make a choice when they’re unsure about which product or service to choose.

An app installed directly on your customer’s phone can dramatically improve your brand awareness and recognition. Choose the best cross-platform application development partners and programming languages ​​will see you with an app available on iOS, Android and the web with the same quality customer experience on every platform.

This helps consumers easily recognize your brand when they see it online, in stores, and on social media. The more you anchor your brand in the minds of consumers, the more they will choose your products with your logo rather than those of your competitors.

Applications provide quick and direct access to your customers

One of the biggest consumer complaints is the inability to contact someone when they have a problem. No matter how much companies invest in customer support, there never seems to be a right answer for all customers all the time.

One of the biggest customer complaints about the companies they work with is the inability to contact someone who will resolve their issues. It seems that no matter how much companies invest in customer support; there is never an adequate answer for their customers.

This is where an app can help you dramatically increase customer satisfaction with your communications. It’s not because the app-based channel is more popular with consumers, but because you can integrate it with AI integration to provide instant solutions to customers when they enter their problems.

You can make your app work offline so customers can still search for answers even when they’re not online. Many customers also prefer quick written responses over phone calls or face-to-face meetings.

Apps can boost profits

Businesses that sell products need outlets to make a profit. Until just a decade ago, there was no real digital channel to make a profit, but with the rise of smartphones, the internet and apps, consumers can now buy online easily. and seamlessly through apps on their smartphone.

If you run a retail store, for example, it’s essential that you have an application that serves your customers as well as your physical retail stores. Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are hugely successful with their apps. Billions of dollars are generated by customers who use these apps and order through them.

Once your app becomes popular, you will see that many people avoid going to retail stores and instead order online and through the app. Your profits will increase significantly from these customers, which is why owning an app is crucial for your business.

Apps are the best way to tie all social media into a closed circle

There are approximately 4.62 billion social media users worldwide. Most of them like to share information and thoughts on various topics on their profiles. Engagement is key for any business that wants to maintain a competitive edge and move forward, which means social media plays a valuable role.

Linking all social media profiles and pages in one place can bring huge success in making some of your marketing efforts go viral. If you have a post on one social network that goes viral, you will find that thousands of new followers will also come to your other social networks and download your app.

Once they’ve done that, you can communicate and maintain engagement through the app – by posting news, sending notifications, and providing updates. This keeps your customers engaged and always informed about your products, services and activities. There’s nothing more valuable than free marketing, and that’s what social media connected to your app can provide.


If you are considering developing a custom application for your business, be sure to make the right choice. We’ve covered why you need an app and the factors to keep in mind when building an app.

Truly, not having an app tailored for your business in 2022 means you’re losing potential customers and profits. On the other hand, having your own app means constant growth, competitiveness and profitability.

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