JW Speaker Introduces Mosaic Modular Lighting System for Affordable Custom Design



JW Speaker today announced the new Mosaic modular lighting system designed to give OEMs the freedom and versatility to create custom vehicle lighting designs without high optical tooling costs. With this modular system, OEMs can create custom configurations using JW Speaker DOT or ECE approved lamps to streamline design, simplify manufacturing and speed time to market.

OEMs can choose from multiple JW Speaker multifunction lamps, then partner with the experienced JW Speaker design team to create custom frames or stylish faceplates to meet their placement and application requirements. Additionally, lights can be mounted directly to vehicles in a wide range of configurations to avoid tooling costs entirely.

“We are delighted to give our OEM and aftermarket customers the ability to avoid tooling costs without compromising on quality or design, which is unlike anything available on the market today,” said Tim Speaker, CEO of JW Speaker. “With the Mosaic modular lighting system, OEMs have unparalleled versatility to create affordable lighting concepts for almost any setup or application. “

The Mosaic modular lighting system offers a wide range of standard lights and potential configurations, including vertical and horizontal headlights, offset headlights, turn signals and daytime running lights, fog lights and corner lights.

“This is a new concept for our industry, but at its most basic level designers can use these proven high quality lamps that have already received regulatory approval and configure their own designs,” said the President. “To experiment with building a modular and custom lighting solution, we also launched a visualization tool on our website. This tool uses interactive models to better visualize Mosaic placements for different types of vehicles.

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