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A range of La Marzocco espresso machines at the Accademia del Caffè Espresso in Italy. All images are courtesy of La Marzocco.

Italian espresso machine giant La Marzocco has launched Officine Fratelli Bambi (OFB), a custom machine design studio within the coffee academy and the company’s innovation center (Accademia del Caffè Espresso) outside Florence.

Referencing the original company name in 1927, Officine Fratelli Bambi was created to enable the brand to show creativity and technology for limited edition and personalized espresso machines.

Officine Fratelli Bambi

A G3 from the OFB.

The brand is currently deploying two categories of OFB machines, one called “Catalog” and the other called “Custom”.

Machines in the catalog feature completed designs, with expedited ordering and delivery at fixed prices. These machines are based on the basic features and technology of existing La Marzocco models, while benefiting from a creative aesthetic treatment under the direction of La Marzocco designer Stefano Della Pietra.

Stefano Della Pietra

Stefano Della Pietra, main designer of La Marzocco.

“It’s our way of simplifying the design process,” Scott Guglielmino, Global Product Manager for La Marzocco, told Daily Coffee News. “We have a production capacity, but we don’t want to talk about a limited edition or a fixed number of machines. Instead, machines will come and go as we find designs that we like. “

CAD files of all new machines in the catalog will be saved for reproduction and maintenance purposes, while the inner workings under the hood can be repaired with existing LM parts as standard.

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The first machine in the catalog to come out is the Comet PB, which is aesthetically inspired by the La Marzocco Comet machine from the 1950s and built on the technology and features of a 3-group Linea PB. Guglielmino said the list price for the Comet PB would be around US $ 40,000.

The range of OFB catalogs is expected to grow to around five or six models available at any one time. Next could come a jazzed up GS3, a kooky KB90, or another result of Della Pietra’s flights, according to Guglielmino.

La Marzocco made to measure

A new Custom model from the OFB.

The machines in the Custom category, on the other hand, can take any shape, only constrained by the limits of imagination and finances.

“We invite customers to spend time with [Della Pietra] and create the machine of their dreams, ”said Guglielmino. “The only limits are really the budget and what is technologically possible for us to produce. “

As the popularity of customizing aftermarket espresso machine design has grown in recent years, La Marzocco might find a welcome commercial audience for unique machines that could serve as centerpieces atop a coffee bar.

OFB La Marzocco

At the Officine Fratelli Bambi outside Florence.

“It’s probably one of the coolest things we’ve done, ever,” Guglielmino said of the OFB effort. “From the start of the business throughout time, we have been making machines by hand, but a lot of that work has gone into prototypes and R&D, things that customers haven’t seen. . While we still hand-assemble all the machines here, having something that has this extraordinary level of craftsmanship is something that has basically gone into our internal prototypes. We decided it was time to take this to the next level and bring it to customers around the world. “

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