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Ron MacLeod wants a motorcycle and goes to great lengths to get one.

The Whonnock resident entered a contest to build his own custom motorcycle and be featured in an upcoming episode of Orange County Choppers featuring chopper designer Paul Teutul Sr. – a reality television show about Teutul Sr. and his team as they reach new extremes with their bike building skills. The prize is worth $100,000.

The Dream Chopper contest is in its third edition. This is MacLeod’s first time competing.

MacLeod first heard about the contest in March and applied to enter.

He then received an e-mail asking him, for example, if he had ever owned a motorcycle or had driven one before. There were a lot of questions about watching Orange County Choppers. He was also asked his age.

Then he sent them a photo of his “biggest and beefiest” biker look and the next day he received a congratulatory message saying he was in the contest.

MacLeod quickly got to work establishing an online presence a week before the competition started and has been on the field ever since.

He is now in the quarter-finals.

“With all the support I’ve had from my family and friends, from the social groups I’m in…I took the lead from day one and haven’t let go,” remarked MacLeod.

MacLeod really wants a motorcycle. He used to ride horses in his youth and owned his until his late twenties. Then, he says, life took over.

“So you have to let go and I’ve been dying to have one ever since,” the 58-year-old said, adding that he hadn’t had a motorbike for around 30 years.

He has friends who go horseback riding now, and he can’t be part of their adventures. And he made a pact with another friend that when they retired they would each buy a motorbike and go on tour together.

MacLeod plans to modify a model Harley Davidson motorcycle.

“I’m not a short man,” the six-foot-six, 280-pound man said.

He wants to lengthen the bike, put a rake in the front and add suspension so he can ride it all day – if he wins.

The US-based contest started with over 110,000 entrants. MacLeod is now in the top 512.

“It’s going to get a lot tougher from now on,” MacLeod added of the competition. “I need all the votes I can get.”

The votes are counted again on Thursday, May 12 at 6:00 p.m. PST and if he comes first in his group, he will advance to the semi-finals and there will be another week of voting before the final.

The contest winner will travel to Florida, where Teutul Sr.’s shop is located, to design their unique bike and film the episode.

Voters get a free vote in the contest for the person of their choice. But there is also an option to buy votes with all the money raised towards the Hudson Valley SPCA, a no-kill animal shelter located in New Windsor, New York.

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