New Horizons Update Adds Custom Design Upgrades


Nintendo revealed on March 18, 2021 Animal Crossing: New Horizons The update is just around the corner, and it does more than pave the way for support for Sanrio amiibo cards and furniture people can buy. It also adds new vacation and extra quality of life features. To be precise, there are many new items being added to the catalog, there will be an improvement in NookLink and an Island Tour Creator site is coming up. People will also be able to get more Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny Day Furniture and further personalize the city with the changes in the Custom Design app.

First the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Custom Design Upgrades will involve two items that you can purchase with Nook Points. The Custom Designs Portal is 300 Nook Points and lets you access the portal anywhere, instead of just at the tailor. Custom Design Pro Editor + is 2,000 Nook Points and adds 50 custom design slots, 50 professional design slots, and the ability to add professional designs to things like cardboard stands, flags, uchiha fans and umbrellas.

Regarding the Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Bunny Day festivities, these will “start again” on March 28, 2021 again. While this isn’t new and happened in 2020, the update does add new furniture that people can buy from Nook’s Cranny. Special items will appear in the featured sale area in the lower left corner of the store. As for other holiday items, Nook Shopping will be selling seasonal items like a Whoopie Pillow for April Fools, a Forsythia for tree planting, and a Cool Globe for Nature Day. Able Sisters will also sell formal wear in April. In addition, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can get a Nook Shopping Nintendo Switch Lite. Everyone will also receive a first birthday cake in the mail.

Finally, there is the new site and the new app. The Island Tour Creator site will open on March 23, 2021 and will allow you to combine your photos and recorded videos for tours. You can use it to share your in-game code for people to visit and showcase your designs and neighbors. There will also be a NookLink update for Nintendo Switch Online in March 2021. As the Splatoon 2 hub in the app, it will add a ‘purchases’ function where you can earn and use Nook points to get even more exclusive in-game items.

animal crossing new horizons update the creator of the island tour

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for the Nintendo Switch and its next update arrives on March 18, 2021. The Animal crossing Sanrio amiibo cards will arrive at Target on March 26, 2021, but people who already have them will be able to use them in-game after the update.

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