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A Nintendo Switch fan has developed an Android app that allows users to transfer screenshots to phones more easily than Nintendo’s default method.

A Nintendo Switch fan has developed an app that streamlines the unnecessarily complicated process of sharing screenshots on Nintendo phones. The Nintendo Switch console was originally released in 2017 and was praised for being a simple and easy way to play video games on the go. The console has been so successful that the Nintendo Switch is approaching the Wii sales record. While the console offers a solid lineup of proprietary games, it is also known for its constant catch-up play with important features found on other gaming platforms.

When the console first came out, the only way to upload screenshots to other systems was to post the images directly to social media and then upload them to other devices from there. Many people, naturally, didn’t want to keep posting random images to their social media accounts and then save the image and delete the post. Even with the complaints, it took Nintendo about three years to release the Nintendo Switch update that made it easier to share screenshots, but the new process of using two different QR codes in addition to opening a browser and long pressing to save each image afterwards is still seen as a problem and a nuisance.

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Reddit user FusionCode decided they had had enough of Nintendo’s complicated and slow method of recording screenshots, creating an app from scratch specifically designed to streamline the process. This application, titled Switch transfer tool, allows users “Download, manage and share your screenshots and videos from the app with a single QR code scan.” The app was created to be as streamlined as possible with no ads, no accounts, and no data collection, which means there’s even less hassle for those looking to quickly share screenshots and videos on their devices.

Read CodeFusion’s description of the app on Reddit here.

Currently, the app is only designed to work on most Android 10+ phones, which means that users of older devices won’t be able to use the new app, but the developer said he’s in the process of create it. also compatible with older versions. There is also a crash issue for a small number of users which is also being fixed. While this app is exclusive to Android, the developer shared a similar app in the post called SwitchBuddy for those looking for an IOS alternative.

This application is an example of the features that Nintendo has not yet refined on its system; this delay could be explained by the success of the Nintendo Switch, which could hurt fans since the console still sells units and games, regardless of the features requested by fans that the system lacks. While other consoles are well ahead of the Switch in terms of functionality and accessibility, the console continues to perform as well thanks to its handheld gaming versatility and Nintendo’s track record of popular game development. on the platform. Hopefully this kind of development in the community pushes the company to improve the Nintendo Switch, but if the company’s past has something to say about it, the developer is more likely to receive a cease and desist letter instead.

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