Paravision launches Android facial recognition SDK for custom application development


Paravision launches a comprehensive facial recognition software development kit (SDK) for Android to enable rapid development of mobile applications for a wide range of applications.

The new Android SDK works for Face Detection, Landmark Detection, Biometric Image Quality Analysis, Templates (Integration) and 1: 1 Face Verification and 1: N Face Matching. It can be used for mobile customer onboarding applications, durable tablets used in government identity programs, point-of-sale or airport kiosks, and next-generation access control devices, depending on the company. The SDK is written in the Kotlin programming language and supports TorchScript computer vision frameworks.

“Mobile is powered by the combination of the identity verification market – which is growing faster than anyone thought possible 12 months ago – and the use of Android in a wide variety of peripheral devices , such as points of sale or self-service kiosks ”observes the President and Chief Operating Officer of Paravision Benji hutchison in an interview with Biometric Update on the Converge announcement.

The system supports all Android 7 and newer devices, and select Android 5 and 6 devices, and is compatible with Paravision backend SDKs and biometric engines, which means partners can customize their apps with the features they want. need.

Android has emerged as a dominant platform for a wide range of corporate and government applications that rely on facial recognition and other biometric elements.

Paravision offers a collection of detailed reference applications that include sample user interface and user experience implementations.

The US-based company recently ranked among the world’s top five facial recognition providers in NIST accuracy testing. CPO Joey Pritikin told Biometric Update in an interview that Paravision’s strong performance across all datasets suggests it reflects real-world efficiency.

Paravision also made the news this year for partnerships and feeding biometrics through mobile devices for large-scale programs.

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