Spider-Man Miles Morales inspires eye-catching custom design on PS5


With the immediate release of the PlayStation 5, fans are already starting to think about limited editions of the console that could tickle their fancy, and an artist has even created their Spider-Man: Miles Morales design. Sony has already promised unique edition designs for the PS5 that will come in the future and explained that the console’s exterior plates will be fully customizable.

Many have declared their disapproval of the black and white design of the standard PS5, with an internet trend comparing the console to a wifi router, and many other comparisons drawn by some pretty hilarious memes poking fun at the system. The fact that the PS5 works both vertically and horizontally didn’t help with memes, but it’s also a motivating feature, as not all consoles work both ways. Various new designs for the PS5 have surfaced, including one that replaces the white plates with 24K gold plates as well as a gold DualSense controller and headphones.

Giuseppe Spinelli, who some may know as online as Snoreyn, collaborated with LetsGoDigital to create a Miles Morales-themed PS5 and controller. LetsGoDigital shows that while delivering this design at launch to coincide with the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game would work fine, it is an unofficial design that Sony has nothing to do with it, so followers won’t see this design on the original consoles. This design shows the Spider-Man symbol in red on both black plates.

The spider is deliberately raised so that it is in 3D, sitting on a web that spans the surface of the two vessels. The canvas was made in a brilliant red color that varies with the matte black background. The canvas displays a red light, and that, combined with red LEDs around the ventilation openings, creates a fun yet stylish effect. The Miles Morales costume inspired the design, and the DualSense controller also gets a makeover suggesting his crime-fighting costume. A silky reflective red stripe on a black background covers the controllers, with the numbers on the buttons also in red. The DualSense touchpad is adorned with the slogan “Be Yourself”.

Having removable plates allows its users to choose a design for their PS5 without having to embark on an expensive special edition. A few limited edition versions of the PS4 have come out over the years, and new versions have been released as recently as this year when The Last Of Us Part II graced the PS4.

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