Supernatural actor and star Osric Chau to launch custom app in collaboration with escapex, innovating in celebrity fan engagement


An exciting patented feature in Osric’s app gives fans the ability to amplify their own comments or that of other fans in the app, thus increasing visibility for actually being seen by the star herself. To celebrate the launch of the new app, Osric will visit a lucky fan’s home, taking him with his friends and family, taking fan engagement to the next level!

“I’ve always tried to share too much on social media,” says Osric. “I don’t think I lead such an interesting life. This app is for people who disagree and for me like a newspaper that answers me; like Tom riddle diary that Ginny had in Chamber of Secrets, except the people writing to me are not a piece of Voldemort’s soul and are trying to kill me.

“I love to travel. And honestly, I’ll take any excuse to travel to new places or meet new people and just try to see the world from different angles, so this contest is going to be a lot of fun for me. going to a new place, meeting nice people, doing fun activities – something they choose, something I choose – and then some great food to reflect on all the bad choices we made that day there! incredible trip for me! “

Fans are encouraged to download the free app HERE and start posting so Osric can make up his mind.

“Osric is one of those celebrities who really identifies with his fans and that’s why this mobile app platform is going to work so well for him,” said Chamik Talukder, GM of escapex. “We have put control back into the hands of the creator, let them freely contact their fans and have their own personalized platform. We are delighted to partner with Osric on this exciting new journey he is taking.”

Osric Chau, which is based at Vancouver, BC, is an accomplished martial arts athlete who originally wanted to be a stuntman and worked in video games before making his acting debut. He broke into the cinema with his performance in KUNG FU KILLER contrary David Carradine and Daryl hannah. He also played a supporting role in the 2009 film in 2012. But that was when he entered the world of the hit CW series SUPERNATURAL as Kevin tran, a teenager from Neighbor, Michigan who becomes a prophet of the series, that he has become the favorite of fans around the world. Osric is also currently working on a number of independent feature films and plans to produce one in the future. Most recently, Osric was a series regular on BBC America’s DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY as the maniacal energy vampire Vogel.

Osric’s new app is a powerful platform that connects the star directly to his fan base, allowing his most loyal fans to communicate directly with him and each other and gives them access to exclusive clips, photographs, Contests, Live Behind-the-Scenes Broadcasts and Sequel. The application also promotes the creation of a community of Osric Chau fans who can share information, stories, post photos and videos and more. It’s the ultimate behind-the-scenes access to the star’s interesting and multi-faceted life.

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Led by mobile technology experts and leaders in the entertainment industry, escapeX develops advanced mobile solutions to provide celebrities and social influencers like athletes, actors, models, comedians and other creators a direct connection with their audiences, greater control over their content, and monetization of social engagement through e-commerce and in-app advertising and purchases. For fans, the apps provide streamlined access to content, including major social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, and more. The platform also has an exclusive feature that rewards users for spending time on apps and interacting more closely with influencers. escapex has created and launched over 100 celebrity apps across United States, Brazil, Thailand, India & Indonesia.

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