The personalized design of this elegant Royal Enfield GT 650 has a badass futuristic vibe!


The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 enjoys the laurels of being on the lightest and fastest motorcycle powered by the 650cc engine. Although it has a classic masculine charm, the bike got even better thanks to Bandit9, the famous custom motorcycle store based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is the latest collaboration between Royal Enfield and Bandit9, as they have also come together before, for some stunning creations – the result this time around is “Jaeger”. A handcrafted custom kit for the motorcycle virtually transforms it from a classic ride into one that landed straight from an action movie scene – an alien movie to be subtle!

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Custom Motorcycle Shop, and the ship’s captain, Daryl Villanueva, has chosen the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 as the canvas to mark this special occasion for motorcycle enthusiasts. The ultra-limited edition motorcycle bolt-on kit handcrafted from surgical grade stainless steel features a half fairing and the low-flowing neo-retro tank in the rear cover. The same steel is used to make the one-piece mirrors, switchgear, and levers to give the machine a very unibody feel. All the character of the bike is transformed with the bespoke swingarm extension, a custom built one-in-one exhaust with chopped pipes, clip-on handlebars with alloy grips and an all-new set of stainless steel tires. Sawtooth.

Along with these major changes, the bike also benefits from custom LED lighting up front and back, an all-season suede seat, and a unique speedometer. While the visual modifications make the bike appear dramatic to be modest, the custom shop also managed to reduce the Continental 650 GT’s weight by 35 pounds in the process. If you thought getting your hands on this one would be easy, it’ll be limited to just nine Special Edition units. The Jaeger motorcycle will come as a Jaeger à la carte kit or as a finished finished motorcycle.

Creator: Bandit9

Click here to buy now: $ 28,000

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