Twitter Blue followers can now use custom app icons on Android

In our modern day and age, services are slowly adopting the subscription model. And that’s completely understandable, because the continuous development and maintenance of the platforms we use comes at a cost. When a company offers both free and premium tiers of its service, paid subscribers usually unlock additional features and capabilities to entice them to stick around. Twitter Blue launched last year and slowly added new exclusive features to gain more followers and retain existing followers. However, many of these benefits remain iOS-only for now, including themes and personalized browsing. However, the company has been working to bring some of them to Android. Starting today, Twitter Blue subscribers can finally use custom app icons on their Android phones. The feature was restricted to iPhone users since its launch.

The company announced in a tweet that paid Android users can now select from the various custom app icons available in Settings. Besides the original icon, Twitter offers seven additional ones that remain available throughout the year. Most of them are the same icon with a solid background of a certain color. On top of that, Twitter Blue followers receive seasonal icons that expire on specified dates. These icons usually reflect special events, annual celebrations or a season of the year.

Is Twitter Blue worth it?

Since some features of Twitter Blue are not available on Android, it may be unfair for users of this platform to pay the same fees as iOS. While $2.99/month is a low price we wouldn’t hesitate to shop elsewhere, the service just isn’t worth it. We understand it is still in its infancy and more are expected to come in the future. However, the fact that paying this fee doesn’t even remove ads or sponsored posts from the app can be a deal breaker for many of us, including me. I already canceled my subscription after using it for a few months, despite its low price. And some of my colleagues also agree that exclusives aren’t tempting enough.

Are you a Twitter Blue subscriber? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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