Twitter Blue users on Android can now access custom app icons

Twitter Blue was announced last year as a paid subscription with bonus benefits for Twitter users. However, not all features of Twitter Blue are available on Android, with some remaining exclusive to the iOS version of the service. The ability to set custom app icons is one such feature. Twitter finally announces the arrival of this feature for Android subscribers of its service.

As usual, the company shared the news via a tweet while showcasing the options available for app icons. In addition to the default Twitter app icon, users have seven additional options to choose from, which will be available year-round. The company will also offer “seasonal” app icons, which will be live for a limited time. As XDA notes, these icons can be related to an event, season, or something relevant, depending on the time of year.

Twitter Blue costs $2.99/month, but some features are not yet available on Android or web versions

While Twitter expects some traction from its new paid subscription, it’s too early to tell if the company has succeeded. But it’s clear that iOS users have access to more Twitter Blue benefits than Android or web users. Although this is changing over time, the disparity has made Android users hesitant to try Twitter Blue.

Twitter only charges $2.99/month for Blue, making it one of the cheapest plans out there. Users have access to a handful of features, including the ability to edit tweets right after sending them. Subscribers also get some of Twitter’s new features before anyone else, thanks to Twitter Labs.

Some of the first features we’ve seen so far include the ability to upload 10-minute videos and pin DM conversations for easier access. Twitter recently made the latter feature available to non-Blue users as well. However, the process is somewhat complex on Android compared to iOS.

Pinning conversations on Android requires holding down the conversation and selecting the “Pin conversation” option that appears in the pop-up window. But users can only pin six conversations at the moment. It is not clear if this is a temporary limitation.

There’s a lot to like and dislike about Twitter Blue. But based on his progress so far, it’s safe to say he’s been disappointing for the most part.

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